Way to Go 2014

Way to Go 2014
LehiWay - All the way to State!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Final Jr. Tryouts

Willowcreek - 6,7,8,21,22,29,30,39,46,36,34,5,24,3,25

Lehi Jr. - 1,2,5,6,8,9,12,16,17,18,20,26,15,19,22,23,25

Ok so I got permission from the director of the league to put in a 3rd team - so there will a B team that is a combination of both schools - the top 10 from each school will be on the A teams and then the next girls will make up the B team.  We will have a few practices before we make those decisions.  This will give everyone the chance to play more instead of either cutting to 12 or having teams that are too big.  Thanks for the support and we will see you at 4:30 on Friday.