Way to Go 2014

Way to Go 2014
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Jr. Pioneer Tryouts 2015

We will be having 2 A-teams and 1 B-team this year.  One A-team from each Jr. High and a combination B-team.
Tryouts will be Aug. 24th and 25th with practice starting the 26th.
On Monday the 24th we will start at 4pm and wrap about 7pm.  Tuesday we will start at 6pm wrap around 8:30.
Practice times for the 26th will be announced at tryouts. 
All girls from the 6th to the 9th grade are invited to tryout but must play in their school boundary.
The cost is approximately $150
Practice every Monday and Friday and play every Wednesday.


  1. Are the tryouts at the high school gym?

  2. What time will the practices and games be? My daughter would love to play volleyball but has cheer from 3-4:45 on Mon and Wed, so we wanted to know if there would be a conflict. Thanks!

    1. Actually her cheer practice is at 2-3:45 on Mondays and 3-4:45 on Wednesdays. We'd love to have her be able to try out, but obviously she may have a conflict depending on the practice and game times. Thanks for your help!

  3. Will there be an A/B team for each grade or do you combine all grades? Trying to decide if it's worth bringing my 7th grader to try outs if she's competing against girls 2-3 years older. :-)